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What Is Powerof-3?

Powerof-3 is a premium rotator service that allows you unlimited rotators and tracking, with your pro membership, for your many programs that you are currently a part of. When you use our rotators to advertise your website's products and services you get to know which programs are getting the most work done for your income benefits. This allows you to focus more on what programs are producing for you versus wasting valuable time, energy, and money on programs that will not have as much success.

We also provide members a viral building service with the membership for multiple programs that members have a hard time getting quality advertising views. We allow members to use our platform to advertise to other members, their products and services in order to aid in sales for each of our valued members.

We have Banner Ad space, Text Ad Space, and Login Ads that are all inclusive with your monthly membership cost of $8.99. We even include Sponsor Ad space that will allow sponsors to add up to 5 other programs that they would like to show their clients once they complete the registration process.

You become a Pro Member with unlimited use of our rotators while Free members can only use 2 websites for rotation in one rotator. Outstanding right! No more being bound by limitations of how many websites can go into one rotator. Need 100 rotators? Create as many as you desire. As a Pro Member you set the limits of your rotators.

Why Use A Rotator?

For those marketers that use other means of Traffic Resources and have multiple programs, products, and/or services that they are trying to sell to other online marketers, Rotators serve as a primary function to be able to advertise these various programs. They save a lot of time and money when it comes to advertising on multiple traffic platforms.

For example, most of our members use Traffic Exchanges to advertise their programs. Majority of traffic exchanges allow you to enter up to 3 different websites. If you only had 3000 ad credits, that means you could allocate 1000 ad credits to each site. But if you use a rotator and each rotator holds 10 sites now you are advertising 30 sites using 3000 credits. That saves you from having to upgrade in traffic exchanges.

Here is another important function for the use of rotators. If you belong to a lot of traffic exchanges, in which most marketers are, You put your rotator link inside all those exchanges the first time, then whenever you have to add/delete a URL, you do it from inside the rotator and you just changed it for every site you have your rotator link in. Saving your hours of anxiety having to log into every traffic exchange over and over again. Rotators are very beneficial when it comes to keeping money in your pocket and saving valuable time to spend doing other important task.


What Is The Affiliate Program? How Do It Work?


Our Powerof-3 Affiliate Program is a very unique system that allows our members to earn recurring income from the membership sales of the rotator service. We have adapted the "Give 2 to receive 2 until infinity" ideal in order to make sure our affiliates earn a viral recurring income growth monthly. This concept embodies the system structure of our website and has potential to produce mass results when all fields are obtained.

When you join as a member, you are automically accepted as an affiliate of our site. This give you full rights to advertise our service to other potential customers. Your first two potential sales will act as qualifiers and be passed to your sponsor to close. All other potential sales are yours to keep. Any customer that becomes a member using your referral link and decides to become an affiliate will then be passing their first two potential sales to you. This provides the viral potention of your income. This will help you achieve higher and better results then working by yourself. Admin and staff will even be assisting you in closing sales for you. (View Compensation Plan Here)


Retire in 90days Action Plan (Special Option)

Getting up and going to work is a pain and irritating! Your whole day consist of work, work, work! Your typical day starts off waking up and getting ready for school or work. Driving dealing with horrible traffic! Work all day long , doing the same boring things over and over again! Leaving school or work back in that same horrible traffic which is now worse because people are rushing to get home. Now you are home, you have to cook dinner, help get the kids together, or get your own homework done and ready for school or work the next day. By the time you finish all that you look at the time and it's already time to go to bed! Enough is Enough, RIGHT?!

Welcome to "Retire In 90days" Action Plan. Taking this path to success means you are serious about making a change in your life to get you out of that pattern of unhappiness and dissatisfaction of your current job state or your online business results. Changing not being able to earn or refer multiple people. You always get maybe 1 or 2 but never the 10 and 20 plus referrals needed in order to see a sustainable online income.

Today is the end of all that once you implement this action plan. When you take the "Retire In 90Days" plan, you are making a commitment to yourself to do what it takes to turn your life around. So we help you do this by helping you advertise, placing members under you, and giving you 24 hour support and guidance to get you in the game to make the income you need in order to retire in 90 days.

The 90 days plan compliments our rotator service and puts you in a position where you will receive multiple viral commission payments of $1, $5, $37, $25, and $100 daily! This is the route that most of our members are taking because they are fed up of the struggle of earning online and have decided to take steps to earning the real life they deserve.

Once inside your members area just look for the "Retire In 90Day" tab on the left menu.


Sign Up Bonuses To Keep Even If You Cancel Your Subscription:

  • Affiliate Masker Software with 100% Resale Rights -- $34.95 value
  • Lifetime Pro Membership to -- $19 Value
  • Perpetual Traffic Generator -- Comes with 100% Resale Rights -- $49.95 Value
  • List Building Domination Ebook --$4.50 Value
  • Pop up Generator Tool -- $34.95 Value
  • 10,000 Banner Impressions and 10,000 Text Ad Impressions -- $50 Value At Maxviral Marketing

The Ultimate Rotator Service Combined With Quality Ad Space Equals

Unlimited Viral Monthly Income!

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